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Fast and secure domestic and international money transfer on any of your devices anytime anywhere. At Smart Transfer, we’ve got you covered with the lowest cost and best service. All you need is the mobile number of the receiver. It’s that easy!

With Smart Transfer, you save money and time. Low cost and fast transfer is possible through our cross-matching engine. Instead of traditional money remittance model, we match the transactions within your country. Money doesn’t need to cross borders. Click here for explainer video

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Who we are?

A smart way to transfer money.

We are experienced banking professionals who understand the potential of mobile technology in providing faster, safer, cheaper and more convenient international money transfer services. Our partners are the leading banks in Asia including Hang Seng Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and Bank of China.

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We are licensed Money Service Operator (License No 15-08-01707) in Hong Kong and and registered Independent Remittance Dealer (IND100539694-001) in Australia. Hence we are regulated accordingly by the respective government authorities. So your money is safe with us.
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How it works

Transfer your money within 3 steps:

To send money:

1 Enter Mobile Number or Email Address of the receiver

2 Enter Amount to Send

3 Set Transaction Passcode for Security

Money transfer complete instantly. Try it out. Try it out

To receive your money:

1 Enter the Passcode to receive

2 Enter bank account details (if already entered before, just select!)

How to register video

How to top-up video

Start now! Start now!

Why Smart Transfer?


Money transfers are done instantly. No more worries for urgent transfer.


We don't charge any fees. No hidden charges.


We use highest level data encryption and latest security technologies with personalized one-time pin for each transaction.


Here you can transfer money anytime 24x7. Money doesn’t sleep.

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